What is it?

This retreat is an opportunity for families to enjoy quality time together, to rest, unwind and have fun. You’ll be in an inspiring place, with fresh Alpine air, away from everyday pressures. And you’ll be nurturing the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of you and your family.

What does unplugged mean?

In a formal survey of families’ mobile phone use, 36% of the 2,000 11-18-year-olds who responded said they’d asked their parents to put down their mobile phones. 46% of those said their parents took no notice.

On our Unplugged in the Alps retreat we’re not advocating digital abstinence, we’re encouraging you to exercise conscious choice about when and how you use your devices. Through awareness and choice we can develop digital mastery – as a route to a safer and healthier relationship with your devices, yourself and your family.

Who’s it for?

This 4-day or 7-day experience is for families with busy parents and children. Perhaps parents in high-pressure jobs, or children facing a new challenge. It’s for people whose life is all about balancing career, a growing family, diverse activities and time for one another.

What are the benefits for you and your family?

You’ll relax and reconnect together in a beautiful place in the mountains.

You’ll also learn how your emotions impact your parenting and your children’s moods. You’ll leave with real-time living skills; rapid, powerful tools and techniques that you can use every day to help you:

  • Change ‘stuck’ patterns of unhelpful behaviour.
  • Change the automatic responses that you can later regret.
  • Look at yourself and your family with more compassion.

What kind of things will you be doing?

Our programme combines family fun in the mountains with learning and practising mindful family techniques. There’ll also be time just to relax on our garden terrace, soak in our outdoor jacuzzi, play table tennis or go for a walk. We also have a wide choice of family board games and a Sonos music streaming system.

Each day will start and end with a mindfulness exercise, where you will practise mindful family techniques. You can also choose from a range of fun outdoor family activities to enjoy together:

  • White water rafting
  • A high ropes forest adventure course
  • Via ferrata
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Road cycling
  • Swimming
  • Horse riding

You’ll live in comfort at top-rated chalet Maison la Cerisaie – in the beautiful French mountain village of Sixt Fer à Cheval, close to Geneva and under 3 hours travel time from London, Bristol or Manchester airports.

You’ll have family meals, with delicious, nutritious food prepared by a professional chef.

Who’s facilitating this retreat?

Your retreat is guided by Sally-Anne Airey, a highly experienced coach and mindfulness practitioner. She’s also mother to twin sons and stepmother to twin daughters, now all young adults. For many years she juggled family and full-time work. She made lots of mistakes and over time realised that the route to a happy family was being fully present for each other and letting go of fixed ideas about how things should be. She shares her enabling strategies for this during the retreat.

How do you book?

Your first step is contacting Sally-Anne. Family retreats take place at any time the chalet is available during the months of July and August. The earlier you book, the better your chance of securing the dates you want.

Sally-Anne will then arrange a call with you to discuss your needs and finalise your programme.

Contact Sally-Anne


The price of your retreat will depend on the length of your stay and what you want to have included.

Our starting price includes half-board accommodation for a family of four at Maison la Cerisaie and the mindfulness programme. It doesn’t include supervised outdoor activities.

For a family of four:

4 days Unplugged in the Alps: 1,950€

7 days Unplugged in the Alps: 3,250€

We also offer payment plans to enable you to spread the cost over several months.


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