Out of the mist came clarity…

On a rainy, misty day in April 2011, we found the home of our dreams. We’d been wondering what to do with the rest of our life. As the breath-taking view unfolded, we knew we had our answer.

This place of inspiring beauty, peace and calm granted us the space to clarify what really mattered to us.

Portrait of Simon and Sally-Anne Airey on an autumn hike

Since then we’ve been creating, building, developing, growing. Investing our heart, soul and all our money, we launched a massive project to renovate the 1830s Savoyard farmhouse we’d fallen in love with. Two years later we opened our chalet business and welcomed our first group of guests.

Alongside all this, Sally-Anne’s established executive coaching business continued to grow.

Then another question emerged:

What if we could create programmes for busy people to experience the positive impact of being here? To have time and space just to be with their own questions and to feel inspired to find their own answers?

And so our retreats were born. We call them retreats because that’s what they are: a chance to step back from every day life, to have time and space to think and see more clearly. As one of our retreat participants said: “It’s a step out of reality, connected to reality.”

A bit about Sally-Anne…

Sally-Anne was once a Commander in the Royal Navy. She worked hard and skilfully to reach this rank at a time when opportunity between men and women was unequal and bias was the norm.

She left the Navy in 2004 and moved with her husband Simon and their children to Eastern Europe, where they lived and worked in Ukraine and in Russia for eight years. As a governor and then business manager of an international school in Kyiv, during a period of rapid expansion, Sally-Anne realised she had a passion and talent for coaching. She began doing this full time and obtained an Advanced Diploma in Coaching with The OCM in Oxford.

At around the same time, Sally-Anne discovered the teaching of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and began practising mindfulness. She and Simon found that the practice gave them more time to think, to be creative, and to be at peace with themselves and the world. They also noticed how they were better able to find space in the moment to choose their reactions, rather than respond from habit.

This experience led Sally-Anne to develop a deep-impact, mindfulness-based approach to her professional speciality, leadership coaching. Embodying her unique blend of executive coaching, mindfulness practice and leadership experience, Sally-Anne supports business leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, executives and teams to live they life they want.